4 Infant Care Services

When both parents work, child care becomes a necessity. You don't have to hire a nanny or wait until your child is in preschool to go back to work because some child care centers offer infant care for very young children. Here are four services you can expect to find at a child care center that provides infant care:

1. Diaper Changing

It's not uncommon for kids to still be potty training until they're three years old. Many preschools won't accept children who aren't toilet trained. However, child care centers understand that infants are still learning and developing. Diaper changes are part of the service you can expect at an infant care center. Simply send your child to daycare with whatever diapers you use at home. Whenever your child soils themselves, a daycare worker will clean them up and change their diaper.

2. Bottle Feeding

Infants may not be ready for solid food yet. Even children who have begun to experiment with infant-friendly foods such as apple sauce and mashed potatoes often continue to drink milk. Bottle feeding sessions are usually provided at infant care centers. Whether your child drinks breast milk or baby formula, it can be prepared in a bottle while you're away. You'll need to provide your own bottles in addition to providing a supply of breast milk or the formula you feed your child at home.

3. Personal Attention

Infants have more needs than older children. While older children can be left alone to entertain themselves for long periods of time, infants need constant supervision. Infant care services often ensure there is an optimal ratio of adults to children at all times. There should be about one adult present for every three infants, so your child can get all the personal attention they need throughout the day. Caregivers will ensure your child stays out of trouble. They can also keep your child entertained by playing age-appropriate games and offering caring interactions.

4. Age-Appropriate Toys

Kids learn by playing with toys. Toys stimulate kids' imaginations, teach them fine motor skills, and encourage them to construct narratives. Kids are never too young to start playing. However, some toys are better suited to older children. At an infant care center, your child will have the opportunity to play with toys that are safe and appropriate for their level of development. None of the toys will have small parts, so your child can interact with various toys without danger.

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