5 Daycare Safety Measures

The last thing you want is a call informing you that your child was injured at a daycare center. While it's inevitable for accidents to happen when children are playing, some incidents are preventable. A daycare center should guarantee your child's safety. The caregivers must establish safety measures to protect your child and give you peace of mind.

Here are other safety measures you should look out for in a daycare facility.


Child abduction can happen, so the daycare facility should give utmost importance to security. The caregivers have to ensure the appropriate people pick up the children. They should have records of all the authorized people picking up the children. If there's any change, the daycare center has to be informed on time.

If you are running late or have an emergency, you should call the caregivers and tell them the person you have authorized to pick up your kid. The designated person should come with their identification details, including their national identity card. The staff should write down the person's details and photograph them. The team should then call the parent and inform them when their kid is about to be picked up.

Security Cameras

A daycare center should have security cameras for surveillance. The cameras should be positioned strategically in areas like the entrance and playing ground. The cameras can be connected to a live feed that allows you to log in and observe your child remotely. 

These measures will deter child abductors. If something happens, there will be video footage to identify the perpetrators.

Front Door Controls

Some daycare centers have embraced front door controls that only allow authorized people in and out of the premises. The door is installed with a biometric system that uses fingerprints or other features to capture your information. If an unauthorized person tries to enter the facility, they will be denied access. Moreover, the doors can also have alarm systems that will go off if someone tries to break in.

Customer Care

The center should have a person who will handle any queries on time. For instance, the security system at the gate might malfunction. If that happens, you should be able to call someone immediately and get help. 

The employee should have a front desk to allow them to observe the people coming in and going out of the building. Also, they can help you if you get stranded.

Fire Extinguishers

Every daycare should have fire extinguishers in case a fire hazard happens. The staff should conduct regular inspections to ensure the equipment works. Also, the staff must train the children on what to do in an emergency. 

For more information, contact a local child care center