Learn How To Prepare Your Child For Their First Field Trip

Many child care centers are now starting to take children on field trips to see some of the interesting sites around their city or town. Going on their first field trip will more than likely be quite exciting for your child. It is important to make sure that you properly prepare for their first field trip to ensure that they are safe and ready for their big adventure. Use the following guide to learn how to prepare for the trip.

Pack Essential Items

When your child goes on a field trip, there is a good chance that something may happen to their clothing, causing them to need a replacement set. Be sure that you pack another change of clothes in their bag, as well as a small snack for them to nibble on if they get hungry. It is also a good idea to add a sweatshirt to the bag so that they can stay warm if the field trip location or vehicle is too cool for them.

Explain Stranger Danger

It is important to take the time to explain to your child about strangers and the dangers that are associated with them. You want to be sure that your child knows not to go anywhere with anyone that they do not know. Make sure they understand not to talk to strangers in the restroom too.

Ensure Proper Travel Arrangements

Take the time to learn how the child care center plans to travel for the field trip. Young children need to be properly secured in a car seat in order to travel safely in a vehicle. You need to ask the director how the children will be kept safe during their travels and if you need to provide a car seat for your child. You do not want to risk your child traveling in a van without being properly secured.

Learn About the Chaperoning Situation

If the child care center, one like Old Dominion Day School Inc, plans to take numerous children on the trip at one time, ask about the chaperoning situation. You want to be sure that there are enough chaperones on the field trip to keep track of all of the children so that everyone stays safe. If they do not have enough chaperones for the trip, you could volunteer to go with your child on their trip.

Going on their first field trip will be very exciting for your child. If you properly prepare them for the trip, you will be able to have peace of mind that they are safe and having fun on their trip, even if you cannot be there with them.