Why You Shouldn't Give Your Child Something To Do

Sometimes, kids simply get bored. They've run out of ideas for what to do and they come to you and say "I'm bored." As a parent, you might feel an impulse to try to find your child an activity. While this isn't always a bad thing, there are also some advantages to your child being bored and you will want to help your child come up with activities he or she can engage in.

Why You Shouldn't Entertain Your Child

There are a seemingly endless number of ways to be entertained, from watching TV to playing a video game. However, when your child still feels bored, you should consider that this might actually be beneficial. Boredom can often be the spark that leads to your child coming up with a creative idea or might lead to your child developing a new hobby. This helps to teach resourcefulness and facilitates brain development.

If your child comes to you wanting to know what to do, tell him or her, "you'll figure it out." For the entire day, don't give your child an option on what to do. Eventually, boredom might spark imaginative musings.

Brainstorming Ideas For Activities

If your child still cannot come up with an idea for what to do, brainstorm ideas for activities. Take turns coming up with an idea and write them down so your child will then have something to choose from in the future. Remind him or her to check the list and also think of new things to do. If your child becomes used to brainstorming ideas, this will also help with developing friendships and with entering into leadership roles.

Keeping your child focused on activities can prevent him or her from finding out what he or she is really passionate about. This can make it more difficult for your child to develop a sense of identity.

Encouraging Unstructured Playtime In Daycare

While some childcare services provide structured playtime, you should ask if the childcare provider can also provide some unstructured playtime. This is when the children at the daycare come up with their own activities. If your child does engage in unstructured playtime, ask him or her about what games he or she played and whether he or she had some say in the games that were played. The key is for your child to learn to negotiate with and come to an agreement regarding daily activities. Ask daycare centers like, Kaye Kare Child Care Center, about their process to see if they are a fit for your child.