5 Daycare Safety Measures

The last thing you want is a call informing you that your child was injured at a daycare center. While it's inevitable for accidents to happen when children are playing, some incidents are preventable. A daycare center should guarantee your child's safety. The caregivers must establish safety measures to protect your child and give you peace of mind. Here are other safety measures you should look out for in a daycare facility. [Read More]

Why A Daycare Facility Is The Best Option For Your Young One

Every parent wishes to spend plenty of time with their young ones. Therefore, leaving your kids in someone else's hands can be a big hurdle. Unfortunately, a time comes when you have no other option other than doing it. A daycare facility is one of the options available for parents with toddlers. What sets daycare facilities apart from other alternatives is that your child receives personalized care, and the environment is safe for the little ones. [Read More]

The Top Questions Parents Have About Starting Autism Therapy Answered

What do parents need to know about autism therapy? According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), nearly one in 54 American children has an autism diagnosis. If your child is newly diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (or ASD), take a look at the top therapy-related questions parents have.  When Should a Child Start Therapy? There's no time like the present. While there's no cure for ASD, therapy can help to reduce some of the symptoms and help children living with autism to make significant behavioral, communication, and other changes. [Read More]

Ask Yourself These Questions Before Choosing Child Care

Are you ready to go back to work? Whether your job is 100 percent remote or you need to go into the office, you need someone to watch your toddler during work-day hours. If you're not sure what you want, need, or should have in a child care center, take a look at the questions to ask right now. When Will Your Job Start? Some centers don't have immediate openings. If you'll return to work in the next few weeks, you may have limited daycare choices. [Read More]